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"Ranet and K" specializes in sales sophisticated electronic equipment and construction of radio communication systems. In his work it is working closely on the conditions of cooperation and collaboration with a number of subsidiaries and related companies.

Company Profile:

"Ranet and K" is:
- Sales of equipment, components and .materials
- Design and systems integration
"Ranet and K" is:
- Foreign economic activity
- Reliable partner and an employee
- Service Center Support
Companies with which there is agreement on cooperation and joint activities:

"AK Electronics" PE since 2007.
- Design and manufacture of special equipment
- Software Development
- Complex repair and restoration equipment

"Industrial Management Consulting" , Ltd. since 2010
- Provision of services measurement lab
- Examination of systems and data communications
- Provision of services and data

Depending on the content operations, the company uses its own diverse technological equipment, as well as the necessary property leases, warehouse or transportation, if necessary in the performance of contracts.

Information about the company

Director Vereshchagin Anatoliy, contact phone: +380(44)222-7537

Legal Status:
Private Ownership, Limited Liability Company

Sale of electronic resources, construction and maintenance of radio communication systems and data

Overview of activities:
"Ranet and K", LTD started its activities in 2001. The company carries out all activities from design, procurement, including the import, manufacture of nonstandard equipment, installation, commissioning and execution of authorization documents.

Our clients are:
- Some State organization and funds;
- Telecom operators;
- Shopping centers,
- divisions of public safety in some regions of Ukraine,
- as well as others private companies.

Description of the technical capabilities:
The company provided service center in the state company employs highly skilled engineers and designers with appropriate education and experience

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